This might be an odd post for consideration, and it’s not my best writing for a review.  However, after my 5,500 word negative review of Man of Steel, I felt compelled to share an old review that was far shorter, if only to prove that I can express a  negative opinion succinctly.

Originally posted NOVEMBER 24, 2008

After my PT session the other day, my wife and I watched Tropic Thunder, the latest Ben Stiller comedy.  Wow.  If it were not for Robert Downey, Jr, we would have stopped the DVD after about half an hour.  The movie is that bad.  Most of our problem with the movie was the presence of Jack Black, whom neither of us like at all.  Stiller seemed uninspired, and the rather interesting premise was ruined overall by everyone pretty much sleeping through the film.  Tom Cruise was only mildly amusing (and totally obvious, by the way – if you were fooled by the makeup job maybe you were asleep), and Nick Nolte was…  Well.  He was in the movie…  That’s about all I can say.

Overall, this movie was a major waste of time.  (And this is based on getting the disc from Netflix.  Imagine how bad it would have been if we had paid to see it in the theater!)


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