BEAR FROM A.U.N.T.: The Honey Don’t Case is available for preorder.

-Place your order by Sept 7 to get your copy before mid-October.

-Normal ordering available in October from the DFP webstore.

-A PDF preview is available HERE.

Yesterday I ordered the physical proof for my second book, THE BEAR FROM A.U.N.T.: The Honey Don’t Case.

Second book.

Suffice it to say, I never expected to write one.

And yet…here we are.

Bear From AUNT Book 1

CFK Book #2

THE BEAR FROM A.U.N.T.: The Honey Don’t Case is as much a love letter to my wife as MOO THOUSAND AND PUN was a love letter to my daughter. BEAR is an adventure story for young readers ages 7 and up. It is a 204-page prose book in the “graphic journal” genre (ala “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”) with almost 140 supporting illustrations, many in my usual “Crass Fed” style.

BEAR features Stanley, an agent of A.U.N.T., reminiscing about one of his early cases, the “Honey Don’t” case. On this case, Stanley and his new partner Marco try to solve the mysterious disappearance of so many of the world’s bees. (Being a bear, Stanley has a vested interest in honey, so as a result he and Marco are well motivated.) In the book, readers are introduced to many of Stanley’s friends within A.U.N.T., and maybe even learn a little about what it takes to make honey.

If there is a good reception for this book, there will be more BEAR FROM A.U.N.T. books…in fact the second one is already starting to form.

But, before I can write the second one, I want folks to check out this story…and tell me what they think.

I am now taking preorders for BEAR FROM A.U.N.T. at the Deans Family Productions homepage’s store.

Copies are $20, which includes postage. (Send a message via social media or the DFP contact page when you order and I will personalize the book, draw a quick sketch, whatever you might like.)

Barring printer issues, preorders placed by September 7th will be available for pickup at our table (AA280) at the Baltimore Comic Con, September 25-27th or delivery by mail shortly thereafter. I Apologize for the tight schedule, but the delivery date on printer orders placed by midnight the 7th is between the 22d and 24th, so I cannot guarantee pickup or delivery for Baltimore on orders placed after the 7th.

Books will ship in the days following Baltimore, and beginning in October, BEAR will be available to order normally from the DFP shop.

If you want to read a couple of pages before buying, click here to download the preview PDF, which is the first six pages of the book.

If you have any questions, find me on Twitter or email me via the DFP contact page.

Thanks to everyone for their support and patience.





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