J. Robert Deans. Dad, Husband, Author, Artist, Goofball. Allergic to cameras.

J. Robert Deans. Dad, Husband, Author, Artist, Goofball. Allergic to cameras.

I started this blog in 1997 as a website that was a clearinghouse for a variety of disparate subjects such as Doctor Who, the then-growing Letterbox format for VHS tapes, and History. Thus, the title THE IN-COMPLETE RESOURCE TO VIRTUALLY NOTHING made sense. (The site even gained a wee bit of notoriety, thanks to those Letterbox lists, and my article on post-Weimar German film.) Eventually, with the introduction of social media, ICRVN became my Twitter handle. As my interests changed and grew, and my art became less a hobby, the ICRVN became a gateway to the various cartoons I was creating. ICRVN became the blog where I could write anything longer than 140 characters.

In 2012 I created the web comic CRASS FED, and followed that in 2015 with THE ADVENTURES OF SURF AND TURF. After being laid off from ten years of managing a comic shop, I wrote a children’s book, MOO THOUSAND AND PUN. When my wife turned her food blog FLYING PORK PRODUCTIONS into a cookbook, CON GRUB, we formed DEANS FAMILY PRODUCTIONS to be the overall umbrella to our various creative endeavors. Our Kidlet, whose art can be seen at KIDLET KORNER, is also getting in on the act.

Thank you for checking out our work. We enjoy creating these comics and books, and very much appreciate that you enjoy them too. Like most artists, we really create stuff for ourselves, and when someone else is interested in what we have made, it is humbling, encouraging, and flattering.

Thank you.



Find J. Robert Deans at these sites, or email him at theicrvn @gmail.com:

Crass Fed Comics

Deans Family Productions

@jrobertdeans on Twitter


To learn more about books written by J. Robert Deans, visit these pages about each title:

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